Learn How to Record TV Shows from CBS.com

Replay Media Catcher makes it easy to capture streaming audio and video quickly. The demo version of Media Catcher will capture 100% of YouTube videos but it’s limited to 75% of videos on other sites. Download a free demo version of Replay Media Catcher here. Try it, and if it works for you the cost to purchase a license is less than a couple of DVDs and you can save tons of videos to your hard drive with it (for personal use, of course).

Here’s a short tutorial showing how fast and easy it is to capture video from CBS.com – including your favorite TV shows – with Replay Media Catcher:

1. Download and install a copy of Replay Media Catcher.

2. Open Replay Media Catcher. You’ll see a screen that looks like this:

3. Click the “Start Recording” button. It will turn from green to red:

4. Go to CBS.com and start playing the video you want to capture:


5. Replay Media Catcher will start capturing the video automatically as soon as the video starts playing on CBS in your browser. When it finishes the video download – usually faster than real time – the video will appear in the Replay Media Catcher main screen with a green check mark like this:

Replay Media Catcher will automatically name the video download. (If you want to, you can rename it by right-clicking and selecting “Rename and/or edit tag info.”)

6. To play the video right-click on the name in the main screen, then click “Play Media”.

7. The video will automatically start playing in the Flash video player that comes with Replay Media Catcher. It looks like this:


That’s it! After you’ve done it once it’s really fast and easy.

8. Replay Media Catcher can also download video from thousands of other sites. And, Replay Media Catcher can record multiple videos at the same time.  Just start playing the video you want to capture, and Replay Media Catcher will start recording. After that you can move on to another video and start capturing it at the same time. You can record as may simultaneous video streams as your internet connection can handle.


Learn more about capturing streaming video with Replay Media Catcher.

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